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Social Media

SM Marketing can bring your brand into their world in a powerful way. SM Promotions build your reach through creative contests and special promotions designed to stir your audience to action.

Search Optimization

Embedded: Great Content. Strong Linking Targeted Keyword Purchases

Digital Advertising

Display Ads
Mobile Campaigns
Facebook Ads


Brand design - look and feel, the colors, font styles.

Interactive design - Flash banners, Demos, 3D worlds.

User experience design - making it easy for users to tap and click their way to buy or contact.

Content Design - Tell your brand story, keeping it fresh and engaging.


Websites with fast load times, intuitive ecommerce integration, and high end functionality created using today's best web practices. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS. Mobile appsGames, mobile utilities, tools and geo-location apps that have people 'checking in' in growing numbers.


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